About CTT

Cities across the globe are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and many of them are obliged to report the corresponding emissions. Existing methods do not give cities the insight they need in order to see whether or not their reduction strategies are working. Additionally, the existing methods are very time and resource consuming for the cities. CTT’s product, called R.I.C.K., solves this problem by giving a city real-time insight into the effect of their initiatives. R.I.C.K. also gives the citizens of a city insight into the city’s efforts, motivating them to make the change needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Scroll down to understand how R.I.C.K. works.

An IoT Sensor Network

A citywide sensor network gives real-time measurements of greenhouse gases and other important parameters.


By using LPWAN technology, the sensor network can be scaled for even the largest cities.

Cloud Integration

Measurements from the sensor network are collected through a cloud platform.

Data Analysis

Existing datasets and measurements from the sensor network are analyzed in parallel.


The meaning of the datasets are visualized in a self-describing manner, making is usable for the city.

End users

Politicians and Planners

Politicians and planners received real-time insight into the effect of their policies.


The city’s efforts are visualized directly to the citizens at a local level in the city. This provides motivation for the citizens to make the right choices for improving quality of life in the city.


R.I.C.K. provides an easy interface for researches, making it easier for researches to gain new and valuable insights.